Four Points Technology Data Center and IaaS Solutions

Consolidation, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing

Government IT departments are under pressure to fulfill their agency mission while counterbalancing regulatory requirements to improve the efficiency of existing datacenters and close underperforming facilities. To meet these challenges, IT teams will also leverage cloud capabilities to provide flexible service delivery infrastructure to augment or replace legacy platforms.

Four Points Technology partners with industry-leading solution providers to help you successfully build a bridge between your physical infrastructure and critical IT assets, whether on premise or in the cloud or when dealing with big data. Four Points Technology will work with you to supply a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment specific to your specialized requirements.

Using best of breed and validated hardware and software vendors we will architect a fully virtualized environment with effective plans for backup, COOP, monitoring, and policy-based security measures. Let us help you transform your data center to:

Let us help you transform your data center to:

Improve workloads to increase capacity leveraging new virtualization technologies to reduce physical space and improve energy consumption

Reduce infrastructure maintenance overhead, gain greater reliability, and move to a shared services strategy

Secure infrastructure assets using disaster recovery and continuity strategies comprised of industry best practices and procedures

Optimize storage to address modern application demands, facilitate data backup and archiving, while lowering cost, and centralizing management

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