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Amy Moss, Director of Contracts
Contact Amy at:, or 703.657.6133

Amy Moss is Four Point Technology’s Director of Contracts.  Amy has over ten years of experience in policy and contract management and is a Certified Schedules Contract Manager (CSCM), and Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM).

At Four Points Technology, Amy oversees company compliance for all contracts including GSA IT 70, SEWP V, CIO-CS, BPAs, and IDIQs.  Amy reviews all agreements and company activity for compliance with Government contracting requirements and FAR regulations.  As Director of Contracts, Amy reviews all supplier agreements and contracts.  She actively participates in the development of process improvements and provides overall business management support and advice to the Four Points management team.  In addition, Amy conducts internal audits with input from her program team to ensure that Four Points Technology adheres to all contracting requirements, and she oversees our third party ethics hotline.

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